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6' x 12' NEW Carpet Remnant

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Part Number:6x12 remnant

NEW 6' x 12' Carpet Remnants

We have plenty of carpet remnants in stock so feel free to order as many as you like. PLEASE NOTE that when you buy more than one remnant at a time they probably will NOT match each other. The nature of carpet remnants is they vary in color, size and pile texture.

The size of each carpet remnant will probably vary by several inches either way. If your size needs to be exact, please stop in the store to choose one.

The color of each carpet remnant WILL vary from the picture shown. They will range from the very light as shown all the way to light brown. We cannot guarantee color. We have several hundred remnants in stock so if color is critical, please stop by the store to choose one personally.

The carpet remnant texture, thickness and pile may vary from the picture shown. If you purchase several remnants, the color and texture (or pile) of each one will probably vary. The carpet remnant you buy online may not be exactly as pictured.

Our carpet remnants come directly from a manufacturer who cuts pieces of carpet off of a master roll to send to carpet stores for their customer orders. When a master carpet roll just has a smaller amount left than the next order, they put a new full roll on the carpet cutter machine and sell the small remainder (remnant) that is left to stores like ours. They seriously discount the remnant piece to get rid of it and that is why you can buy from us for next to nothing compared to the installed carpet price. The rub is that we receive all kinds of sizes, colors and piles or textures and we have no control. Another fact is most installed carpet is sold in neutral shades and so most remnants are neutral color.

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