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BEST Tall Man Full Mattress Set
BEST Tall Man Full Mattress Set

BEST Tall Man Full Mattress Set

Retail Price:$869.00
Part Number:Tall-Man-Full-Best

Our BEST mattress is a great value pillow-top/firm model. Designed around a 13-gauge coil spring set with molded spring protection on both sides of the coils. The thicker coils create a firmer base on the pillow-top and the firm side. A cotton pad, and a layer of bonded cotton follow the molded spring protection. The needle-punched cotton pad lies under a 1-inch layer of comfort foam. Next the pillow-top is created from a layer of quilted cotton and a 1.75-inch layer of soft comfort foam topped with an antimicrobial fiber layer. Finally the fine damask cover is quilted to create a super value pillow-top/firm mattress.

Tall Man™ Full Size Abe Feller Fine Mattresses BEST Plush/Firm mattress set. Do your feet hang over the end of your bed? If so, you're in luck! We've made the Tall Man™ just for you. Tall Man™ Full size 54" x 84", a full seven foot bed. Available nowhere else! Twin, Queen and King Tall Man™ sizes also available.

The price above is for the mattress set. Mattress only is also available. The set includes a mattress and a sturdy box foundation.

Please note that the Tall Man™ Full size will fit a normal Full headboard. Don't even think about using a footboard with the Tall Man™ as the length is too long. Sheets for these beds are available on our website.

We recommend an extremely long frame to support the extra length of this set. If you don't use our Tall Man™ frame, the entire bed will lift up when you sit at the foot of the bed. The metal frame is not included but is available. The frame will accommodate a Full size bolt on headboard. The headboard is not necessary to complete the frame.

This BEST mattress incorporates our amazing plush pillowtop on one side and firmer mattress non-pillowtop on the other side. Want a different feel? Just flip the mattress. An idea whose time has come, especially when you consider the poor value that a one sided "no flip" mattress offers.

The Abe Feller Fine Mattresses BEST model sold here offers low price with plush pillowtop but supportive feel and a firmer feel with tighter quilting on the other side.

The outer fabric of the Abe Feller Fine Mattresses, BEST mattress is a long wearing high quality damask. The high quality padding and cushioning of the mattress is shown in the cutaway picture above.

Bedding Depths:

Mattress: 11" Bedding Set: 18.75"

Don't forget bed frames.

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